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The Process

Our goal is simple: provide beautiful shoes for you, while restore life and hope for the beautiful people in Africa.

How the process works:

1. It begins with local church partners (of Life In Abundance). They select the most vulnerable members of their community – those who are un/underemployed, who are caring for children and are facing the toughest challenges.

2. These people, primarily women, are selected based on their desire to acquire new skills and knowledge, and their willingness to earn an income by playing a role in the production of Konjo Shoes (among other economic empowerment projects).

3. They then become paid apprentices and begin learning the shoe-making process, using paper templates and learning from their more experienced peers.

4. Once they are ready, they join their peers at a church-based site in the heart of the Kibera slum to take part in the production process, working on various aspects of the shoe making.

5. Over time, as they continue to learn and improve the quality of their craft, they have the opportunity for promotion to become a master of the trade.

6. Ultimately, the shoemakers have acquired enough knowledge and confidence to set out on their own, replicating a similar model or one completely their own.

Through the Konjo Shoe project, these beautiful women and men gain the skills, dignity and capital necessary to begin their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Konjo Shoes are not the end product. Rather, our vision is that it would serve as a catalyst toward economic independence and life in abundance.

Buy Konjos today and support the participants as they seek life in abundance.


Our process—illustrated step-by-step.