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Josephine became a mother at 19-years-old. At that time her priorities changed – it was no longer just about her. At the age of 30, she now has four children, all under the age of 11 including a newborn, for whom she must provide at least the basic necessities.

She was introduced to the Konjo shoe project in 2010 through her local church pastor, who is also part of the Kibera Pastors Fellowship. She says it was a welcomed answer to prayer.

Prior to joining the program, Josephine was a maid, but the work was never consistent and the pay never enough. Her hour-long trek she made daily from and back to Kibera slum also made it extremely challenging to be the mother she hoped to be for her children.

Now, as a worker in the Konjo shoe project, she’s close to home. Better yet, she feels more fulfilled being able to help her husband pay for rent and school fees.

She hopes that the project will continue to grow so more women may be empowered, just as she has been.


A former maid, Josephine joined the Konjo shoe project in 2010.